Character and Song #60: Rebecca Reighlight

I’ve mentioned her before. This is John’s cousin and Arthur’s sister, the future ruler of the Sun Kingdom. With flaming red hair and pale skin, she struts around assured in the knowledge that she’s a leader and not a follower. Where everyone else on the Sun tends to be mindless, she’s the one who thinks. To keep herself entertained amidst the idiocy surrounding her, she took to pulling pranks nearly as well (some would say arguably better) than Mark Blue himself. But why are her features so similar to Saje? And will she be able to restore the Sun Kingdom after it’s been devastated by the former god of gods, Marduk? Find out in The Black Tree series.

Speaking of mindless, Mindless Self Indulgence has the perfect song to mirror her attitude: Joke.


The Realms and Other News

Ahh, I don’t know where to begin!! There is so much exciting happening. One of my most painful medical problems is slowly but surely resolving, I figured out I’m the perfect candidate for something amazing that involves something about myself that used to make me feel like a freak (in a bad way), I’ve also found some fantastic people to reach out to since I’ve become a part of Postmodern Woman, and…and some of my favorite books are being released very soon.


So, first, the boring medical and emotional stuff. Though I’m still in pain every day and having to pop pills like an addict just to keep myself operational, I am still filled with joy, wonder, and gratitude. There is so much beauty and love and sorrow. Pain and pleasure have never really been separate things for me; I’ve always tended to experience them at the same time. It is a bittersweet ecstasy I find myself experiencing more often than not. The day my boyfriend died is coming up on its one-year anniversary. And my tribute to him, living well, is coming to fruition. It’ll be a task I must continually work on for the rest of my life but I am delighted to do it in his memory. My living partner and child are still far away right now but one day soon we’ll all be together again. It hasn’t been easy but it has been so worth it. I would not have been able to get this same amazing care or these awesome opportunities if I had remained in the city I came from.

The thing that I’m a perfect candidate for…I’m going to be sneaky about it. Let’s just say there’s a big hint in the book The Realms. Aniella Brewster gets something near the end of the book that I only recently started looking into. Initially, I studied it for more background for the story. And then I grew more and more intrigued the more I studied. And then I found out I could totally do it and that I’m built perfectly for it. And I’m really fucking excited about that. So if you want to be a little pervy and see what that thing is, take a look at The Realms, which has been published and is now available for sale or on its way to all sales channels right now. It’s a kinky, funny, sexy adventure and you do get to peer deeper into the missing moments from the Allison Dutch series.

Postmodern Woman is transforming and growing. Louisa and I are brainstorming more ways to spread the word and include our community and supporters on our journey. I’ve had the honor of talking with and reaching out to some fantastic people and I cannot wait to see where this all goes. It’s a really beautiful and empowering thing. And I’ve discovered I actually like Twitter a bit better than Facebook. I literally never imagined I’d ever, ever use Twitter. Luckily, everything in life is transitory, shifting, and mutable.

Lastly, Ripley Santo, the shy Japanese boy, has his first book set for release next month. Unloved and Untamed is the first book in The Representative series. It’s definitely erotica, even though most of the works in The Cuil Effect Project contain sex of some kind (being demi with a high drive means finding healthy ways to channel that energy. So it ended up in stories. Shrug.). Anyway, the second book, Desired and Proper, will be released a month after that. You can already find some scenes from this series in the Cuil Peeks section, which I’ve divided up by series. Remember, you can always request scenes from any of my works. Just take a peek at the book guide and if it’s been written, I can add a scene or some juicy tidbit for it.

Whew! Okay, I think I’ve covered most everything. Oh, I’m also on Pinterest now. Still figuring out how that works and the purpose of it. We’ll see how that goes.


The Survivor Progression

This was written by a friend of mine. For all the survivors out there, please read this. It sums up the stages so well. Even if our journeys have been different there are sure to be steps that resonate with your own. Please read this and share. All credit goes to Catalleya. And if you are a fellow survivor, make sure you read to the end to know it’s not all in vain.!/notes/catalleya-storm/the-survivor-progression/444199179081581/

Cuilverse Layout: Others – Djinn and ghosts

I’m not dead! I’m still here. Had a few rather intensely painful days. It’s the first time I’ve truly done nothing with my day (beyond visiting the hospital for my dressing change for an unrelated but equally bothersome problem). I didn’t even read. I just slept through as much of the pain as I could. Me, who has to accomplish at least one thing every hour of every day! It’s not easy but I’m still here. Anyway, on to the book stuff.

Since the tale of these two sorts of creatures is so closely entwined, I’ve decided to put all of their information together here.

Excerpts taken from The Realms: “Despite their depictions in pop culture, they didn’t grant wishes or live in lamps (well, some may have). They were rather similar to the gengi vampires, and with good reason. Several Djinn had mated with ragnir vampires to create the gengi race. They could be formless or solid, invisible or visible. They’d been worshipped as gods, decried as demons, and viewed as guardian angels. Some of the more talented Djinn could possess humans (putting them in ghostly territory). There was some debate over whether ghosts were a particular form of Djinn, descended from them like the gengi were. That perhaps human ghosts were a possibility because they had some Djinn in their ancestry.

It might also account for the different types of ghosts: recursive, poltergeist, and elastic. Recursive ghosts were thought to be primarily distantly-related to any Djinn and so only had enough formless ability to echo moments from their form-filled lives. Poltergeist and elastic ghosts had more recent, stronger family ties to the Djinn and so retained their ability to possess and interact with objects and people. Poltergeists tended to let their emotions get the better of them and elastic ghosts were fairly well-balanced.  Amongst the Djinn there were morphers of various types and five levels based on how powerful they were. Most of them had a mischievous streak and they often held pranksters in high regard.”

“Ghosts are out of sync with reality. Many of them are blocked by their emotional state. Basically, the more rational you are the more you can physically affect things normally. On the other end, the more emotional the more distorted reactions become. That’s where you cross into poltergeist territory. Stuff like The Grudge.”

That’s all I’m telling you for now.

If you want to learn how to hunt creatures like Mark Ashton, how consent and communication can have very sexy consequences, or you just like seeing all the weird stuff I come up with you should check out The Colds series. Meanwhile, I think I’ll take another nap. Eight straight months of this insanity really wears on you, I tell ya! If you think I’m mean to my characters, just remember I’m going through my own shit as well. Thanks for sticking by me and continuing to read. I never thought I’d have the chance to reach out to others and I appreciate the fact that any of you want to read it. I’m not religious but Namaste.


Update and Guest Posts

I’ve been away for a bit, I know. I’m still dealing with my health. Or lack thereof. It’s very, very slow going and the problems simply seem to keep compounding. Suffice it to say my body’s having a real time of it.

But it’s not all bad news. I am taking care of my health and I have a whole team full of wonderful doctors on my side. One day I’ll be stronger and I’m working towards that bit by bit.

So don’t worry about me. I may be down but I’m never out. I always return. I’ve got so much to share with you. And just wait until you see the books I’ve got coming out next!

Anyway, even though I’ve been absent here I’ve still been very busy working on my books, other projects, and my new site with Louisa. I’ve even done some twittering, er, I mean tweeting, lately. That’s something I never imagined doing but I can get the hang of it. Both Louisa and I have had rather exciting weeks. But we’re not even close to done!

See, though Postmodern Woman started off as Louisa’s personal journey it is now a site for all of our journeys. For anyone that has a unique story to tell. It’s for us reach out to people who understand. It’s that space where vulnerability is channeled into power. Many of the articles are NSFW but with good reason. It’s not for titillation, it’s not for someone else’s benefit, and it’s not trashy. These are real stories, real people, real pain and growth and love and humanity. That’s what we want to share. So if you have a story bubbling up inside you, if you have a kink you’ve never felt you could share, if you have a special perspective on some topic or other please submit. We want your stories. We want your vulnerability. We want your challenges to the norm. Let your voice be heard. If you’re not sure if your story will fit, take a gander around the site. There are articles on many, many different topics and nothing is sacred except for authenticity.

Note to Authors: If you happen to be an author, we will display a sidebar alongside every article you post with clickable links to your books. Your work will be right there with your words. Louisa and I are both authors ourselves and we’d love to help our fellow authors any way we can. So please consider submitting an article. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Note to Supporters: And, as always, if you like what we’re trying to do and our plans for the future then you can always support us and get exclusive access to goodies (like free copies of our books) via Patreon.

Character and Song #59: Yokran Ashton

The Ashton clan is fairly huge and many of them appear throughout the cuilverse. Yokran is a rather kind yet snobby lesbian vampire who caters to travelling vampires. She has a large mansion with a locked basement to throw parties in. There are many rooms in this place but you never know just what you’ll find behind each door. And although her home seems more designed for fun that serious business there are secrets lurking in the halls. Yokran’s an artist and proudly displays her queer statues in many of the open rooms. She helps Aeryn out during a rather tough time in her life in the Allison Dutch series but that won’t be her only appearance in the cuilverse. She’ll be back and some of those closed doors will open…

I suppose if she had a saying, it’d be No One’s Here to Sleep. But I’ll let Naughty Boy tell you all about that.

Character and Song #58: Cain

You already know his story doesn’t end well. Except in the cuilverse, it kind of does. That whole thing with his brother was all a big misunderstanding, or at least that’s what he tells me. I suppose we’ll find out for sure. Anyway, so he was given the mark so that no one would kill him but he does totally get killed in the end of In the Time of Toba. But that’s not all there is to his story. It’s actually pretty messed up all around. And like the rest of the folks who were around when all of that mischief went down he gets reborn as another familiar face. Oh joy. Let’s hope he fares better in this life!

Even though he maintains that it wasn’t, I still think it was Unsociable of him to treat his brother that way.

Character and Song #57: Adam

Yes, the very first, the one and only, the number one man! He’s placed on Earth with Lilith in order to create a bunch of bouncy little god-worshipping humans. There’s just one problem: Lilith doesn’t want him. He’s soon set up with Eve and things quickly take a turn for the worse (there’s nothing more awkward than introducing your new misses to the ex). It’s not all bad, though. Adam does manage to find some sort of redemption for all that mess in the Garden and he even reincarnates later on elsewhere in the cuilverse. And I bet you’ll never guess who he shows up as.

I’m the Man can be the only appropriate song because he literally is the man. What’s more fitting than that?

Big Changes

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been posting my more serious musings on Postmodern Woman in recent months while concentrating more on my books on this blog. Well, it turns out the woman in charge, Louisa Leontiades, has been quite impressed. She’s invited me to run Postmodern Woman with her. We’ll still maintain our own author sites separately and offer courses, content, and company via the new and improved Postmodern Woman. All of the articles will be free to read. But if you’d still like exclusive content and other goodies (like free copies of our books!) then our brand spanking new Patreon page is the one to check out. You can pledge anything from $1 on up to help us continue to bring quality, thought-provoking, and in-depth content to our followers. If you challenge the norm, we cordially invite you to join us.

More about Postmodern Woman and Patreon

Taken from Postmodern Woman’s About section:

Postmodernism (pretty obviously) came after modernism – that period in history associated with the rise of rational thinking. I think, therefore I am. I will only believe what I can see, what I can prove.

Postmodernism is a suspicion of the absolute truth, and the modernist way of thinking. It says there are many stories, many interpretations (most of which we can’t know).

Julianne Moore once said

“The idea that you’re the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea.”

There’s a power in that. It’s the power to rewrite your story and reframe your perspective. It’s a way of analysing things, a critique of what we believe to be real. Deconstruction of gender binaries, social constructs even good and evil.

You may not agree with the perspective of the stories you find here, in fact we only hope that they make you reflect a little more on what values and norms you want for your life. Enjoy,

Louisa & Michon

Taken from our Patreon page’s About section:

Michon Neal & I (Louisa Leontiades) write. We write to challenge the norm, to reframe past experiences, and to help people move past pain.

Cuil Scenes-Michon and Jean

I used to have an enormous problem with male anatomy. It took me years to get over it, to stop having nightmares, to stop being triggered every time I saw a penis. It was slow going recovering the part of myself that could appreciate and be aroused by the beauty of human bodies in all their forms. One of the things that helped was writing about it. I’ve been writing for 15 years and my stories provided the safe space to explore my relationships to all sorts of different kinds of people. And one of my characters played a very important role in helping me to see the male body for what it is. I learned to look past the hurt and the scars to recognize the human being behind the body. You can actually see my process throughout the cuilverse; you can watch me coming to terms with it and reclaiming lost ground. And that is a hell of a thing. Jean Claude was a big help to me and this scene, taken from You Don’t Belong Here…, shows my start down the path to always see the human first, no matter what.


You’ll also be able to find this scene in the Cuil Scenes page, as always.