Character and Song #59: Yokran Ashton

The Ashton clan is fairly huge and many of them appear throughout the cuilverse. Yokran is a rather kind yet snobby lesbian vampire who caters to travelling vampires. She has a large mansion with a locked basement to throw parties in. There are many rooms in this place but you never know just what you’ll find behind each door. And although her home seems more designed for fun that serious business there are secrets lurking in the halls. Yokran’s an artist and proudly displays her queer statues in many of the open rooms. She helps Aeryn out during a rather tough time in her life in the Allison Dutch series but that won’t be her only appearance in the cuilverse. She’ll be back and some of those closed doors will open…

I suppose if she had a saying, it’d be No One’s Here to Sleep. But I’ll let Naughty Boy tell you all about that.

Character and Song #58: Cain

You already know his story doesn’t end well. Except in the cuilverse, it kind of does. That whole thing with his brother was all a big misunderstanding, or at least that’s what he tells me. I suppose we’ll find out for sure. Anyway, so he was given the mark so that no one would kill him but he does totally get killed in the end of In the Time of Toba. But that’s not all there is to his story. It’s actually pretty messed up all around. And like the rest of the folks who were around when all of that mischief went down he gets reborn as another familiar face. Oh joy. Let’s hope he fares better in this life!

Even though he maintains that it wasn’t, I still think it was Unsociable of him to treat his brother that way.

Character and Song #57: Adam

Yes, the very first, the one and only, the number one man! He’s placed on Earth with Lilith in order to create a bunch of bouncy little god-worshipping humans. There’s just one problem: Lilith doesn’t want him. He’s soon set up with Eve and things quickly take a turn for the worse (there’s nothing more awkward than introducing your new misses to the ex). It’s not all bad, though. Adam does manage to find some sort of redemption for all that mess in the Garden and he even reincarnates later on elsewhere in the cuilverse. And I bet you’ll never guess who he shows up as.

I’m the Man can be the only appropriate song because he literally is the man. What’s more fitting than that?

Big Changes

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been posting my more serious musings on Postmodern Woman in recent months while concentrating more on my books on this blog. Well, it turns out the woman in charge, Louisa Leontiades, has been quite impressed. She’s invited me to run Postmodern Woman with her. We’ll still maintain our own author sites separately and offer courses, content, and company via the new and improved Postmodern Woman. All of the articles will be free to read. But if you’d still like exclusive content and other goodies (like free copies of our books!) then our brand spanking new Patreon page is the one to check out. You can pledge anything from $1 on up to help us continue to bring quality, thought-provoking, and in-depth content to our followers. If you challenge the norm, we cordially invite you to join us.

More about Postmodern Woman and Patreon

Taken from Postmodern Woman’s About section:

Postmodernism (pretty obviously) came after modernism – that period in history associated with the rise of rational thinking. I think, therefore I am. I will only believe what I can see, what I can prove.

Postmodernism is a suspicion of the absolute truth, and the modernist way of thinking. It says there are many stories, many interpretations (most of which we can’t know).

Julianne Moore once said

“The idea that you’re the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea.”

There’s a power in that. It’s the power to rewrite your story and reframe your perspective. It’s a way of analysing things, a critique of what we believe to be real. Deconstruction of gender binaries, social constructs even good and evil.

You may not agree with the perspective of the stories you find here, in fact we only hope that they make you reflect a little more on what values and norms you want for your life. Enjoy,

Louisa & Michon

Taken from our Patreon page’s About section:

Michon Neal & I (Louisa Leontiades) write. We write to challenge the norm, to reframe past experiences, and to help people move past pain.

Cuil Scenes-Michon and Jean

I used to have an enormous problem with male anatomy. It took me years to get over it, to stop having nightmares, to stop being triggered every time I saw a penis. It was slow going recovering the part of myself that could appreciate and be aroused by the beauty of human bodies in all their forms. One of the things that helped was writing about it. I’ve been writing for 15 years and my stories provided the safe space to explore my relationships to all sorts of different kinds of people. And one of my characters played a very important role in helping me to see the male body for what it is. I learned to look past the hurt and the scars to recognize the human being behind the body. You can actually see my process throughout the cuilverse; you can watch me coming to terms with it and reclaiming lost ground. And that is a hell of a thing. Jean Claude was a big help to me and this scene, taken from You Don’t Belong Here…, shows my start down the path to always see the human first, no matter what.


You’ll also be able to find this scene in the Cuil Scenes page, as always.

Relationship Difficulties

Not Like Them

Not Like Them is Twisted Jinx Book Two. It deals with my desire to cut myself, my desire for people of all genders, and the process of learning to forgive those who hurt me. It’s got a lot more sex in it than most of my works, contrasting the varying attitudes I had towards it: on the one hand trying to give violators what they wanted because I thought it would keep me safe and on the other hand embracing my love for the human body and the soul behind it.

In some ways it’s one of my darker works: dealing with violent rape and assault by intimate partners, trying to own your lover, self-harm, and the darker sides of pregnancy and fertility. It’s also one of the most hopeful in that it deals with coming out in so many ways, being honest with the people you care about, self-acceptance and self-knowledge, and owning your shit. Plus, the ending is hilarious. At least I think so. Things in the cuilverse just keep getting weirder and weirder and they’ve finally touched down in my world.

So if you’re looking for a sometimes-horrifying, sometimes erotic, sometimes personal look into life as a poly bisexual, or a heteroflexible man, or a person trying to figure out just what the hell they are then I recommend it.

Here’s the official description:

“The characters return with a few more of the BTS crew to assist their Author once again as she struggles with suicidal ideation and her burgeoning bisexuality. They have warned her away from one of them in particular because something has gone wrong. One of them isn’t who he says he is and they all struggle to figure out his origins before it’s too late. Unfortunately, the Author is captured and lives through a period of time surprisingly worse than anything she’s experienced before.

Those who crossed over are hiding out while they plan a way to defeat the bad egg once and for all. They recruit the help of yet more characters and secrets about the BTS series and its origins are revealed. The Author has been rescued but it turns out she may just be a pawn for his real goal. Can they set him right before he does permanent damage?”

You can buy it and find links to the print version here.

Cuil Scenes-Aniella

Who says consent can’t be sexy? Who thinks communication is always droll and useless? Most of the sex scenes I write have a clear purpose and they show all the myriad ways and reasons people connect (or in Queen Aeryn’s case, how to use sex as a badass weapon). In the series, The Colds, Ani explores novel ways of connecting to the men in her life, despite what would seem to be libido-crushing issues for some of them. I’ve included a scene for your reading pleasure: a little bit of play explaining how vampires communicate certain desires through touch. It’s normally a scaroth thing but some other vampires in her universe do it as well. This scene is taken from the second book in The Colds series: The Realms. Which I’ll be publishing later this year. Exciting stuff. This scene is a bit of a teaser; if you really want to see the language of touch in action, you’ll have to wait until The Realms comes out. Until then, here’s a sneak peak.


I’ll also include this scene on the Cuil Peeks page for quick reference.

Also, if you’d like to place a preorder and see all the sexy details for yourself, you can do so here.

Character and Song #56: Nathan Reighlight

Funny ole Nathan. This is John’s, Arthur’s, and Becky’s eccentric uncle. He resides on Earth for unknown reasons with his husband, Paul. He works at a ranch and invents things like the Bent Drive and the A Seriesen in his spare time. These revolutionized space travel and fed directly into the adventures of The Black Tree crew over a thousand years later. He was the first in the Reighlight family to adopt a British accent after a chance encounter with a certain British American family. He also pops up or is mentioned several other times in the cuilverse.

This good-natured guy grooves along to The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter by Thievery Corporation.

Character and Song #55: Eve

Mm, so… The woman who spawned the very concept of Evil. Lovely. What’s her actual story? Was she an innocent victim who put way too much stock in the words of a devious snake? Or did she have machinations and manipulations of her own going on behind the scenes? And just how awkward was her meeting with Adam’s first wife, anyway? I can’t even imagine.

Oh wait, yes I can. I mean, I’m supposed to be writing it after all. I’ve actually written a screenplay for In the Time of Toba (the one I submitted to the contest) and writing the book won’t take long at all. It’s just that right now I’m writing All that Glitters. I mean, that doesn’t mean I can’t not write In the Time of Toba. We’ll see which gets finished first when all of the characters in each respective series do battle royale in my head.

So…in the end, Eve just wants to feel like the only girl in the world. Is that really so wrong? Rihanna’s Only Girl plays on in the background. But honestly, I don’t think this is going to end well.

Character and Song #54: Macton Ashton

Ugh, this guy makes me shiver. A rare blond in the mostly red-haired Ashton clan, he’s also very different to them in other ways. For instance, he’s an unrepentant bastard. Seriously! There’s what he did to Mark shortly after he was born, there’s the way he treated Elessana, and then there’s what he and the entire Vampire Council did during Queen Aeryn’s reign. He’s just a mess, really. There’s really not much about him I like. He’s one of my least favorite Others. But I’m sure he has his reasons (rolls eyes super hard). We’ll see. Because apparently Allison Dutch’s series isn’t enough for him, he has to show up in at least one other series as well. Who knows when we’ll truly see the last of him. Maybe one day I’ll even manage to like-

Gag. Nope. Can’t even say it.

Anyway, before I throw up, Tool’s Aenema pretty much sums up his feelings toward the world at large. I mean, there are very good points brought up in this song and it’s one of my favorites but there are always those unintended consequences, aren’t there?