Cuilverse Layout: Others – Angels

As promised, I will now describe the Faeries, along with other related creatures.

There are several kinds of angels: angels in general, Seiyans, Faeries, Anunaki, Nephilim, Seraphim, Cherubim, and Fallen.

Angels in general have existed nearly as long as the gods have. At first they carried out the will of the gods they served but then they got lazy. Instead of serving particular gods, angels tend to congregate around the current god of gods. They’re kind of fickle that way, preserving their safety by offering their services to whoever’s in power at the moment.

Angels are further split into three groups: Faeries, Anunaki, and Fallen.

Faeries include the subgroups Faeries (female) and Seiyans (male). Unlike the larger group of angels, Faeries normally serve one particular god. Faeries are created from the shredding of gods and goddesses (this is the only way to “kill” a god). Sometimes they are made from multiple gods. Any child of a Faerie is also a Faerie but the child is free to choose which god they will serve. Faeries are also given Taboos: rules handed down to them by the god they were created by. The punishments for breaking Taboos are swift and intense. Faeries normally have large black wings with unique designs on them. Many of them tend to be more spirit than physical, depending on how much freedom their creator god grants them.

Anunaki are split into several groups: Nephilim, Seraphim, and Cherubim. The color of their wings is determined by their rank in the Echelon. Their wings can be (from lowest-ranking to highest-ranking) white, silver, gold, or clear. And then there’s the Nephilim with “wings so clear they were invisible”. Nephilim are usually male or female, of great height, and can’t seem to stay out of human affairs. Seraphim are a bit better behaved, have no sex, and are charged with keeping a detached eye on humans. Cherubim take various forms (almost none of them human-like) and tend to guard important items, paths, or secrets.

Fallen angels are more commonly known as demons. They do not serve the established gods. They serve no god or they serve gods of their own making. The strongest of the Fallen angles are the only ones (besides the gods themselves) who can create new gods or destroy them on their own. They can be from any of the groups above. They also feed off of fear, insecurity, and doubt. They’re more heavily involved with holding humans and Others accountable for their sins and promise where many of the other Angels use a light touch and maintain their distance. Not much bothers a demon; they’ve seen it all.

Character and Song #52: Zeitelia (Time Faerie)

Ah, the mysterious Faerie of Time. Zeitelia has the power to reset the timeline. She first appears in The Black Tree series but will also show up in All That Glitters with Piper, Stiltskin, Sebastian, and others yet to be revealed. That’s right. The mysterious series’ name has officially been revealed. Each member of the Irresistible team has broken their Promise in some way and must atone for it. The All That Glitters series describes their betrayals and their adventures. Since most of Zeitelia’s tale is still shrouded in mystery I can’t tell you too much about her. I can tell you the god who made her is Father Time. Ah, yes, speaking of Faeries, I’ll explain more about them in a later post.

For now, ponder the nature of time in “It Will Be” by Jakatta. Because that’s her song.

Character and Song #51: Lucian

Lucian is living proof that even 50 billion scream elves can be fucking wrong. He’s one of only a few elves that doesn’t spend all his time working in the ambrosia factories, dancing around in the Revelating Forest, or doing Mikassa’s bidding. He first shows up to help assist what’s left of the Black Tree crew in Mikassa’s Fall (to be published in a couple of months). He’s an archer and looks a bit like Legolas. Except he’s useful. I kid, I kid! Legolas isn’t totally useless. Anyway, so Lucian is one of the bravest elves in openly defying Mikassa’s twisted rule. Will his assistance be enough to free Mikassa’s prisoners for good so that they can save the universes? We’ll see. Mwa ha ha!

His song is “Sound of Change” by Dirty Heads.

black beauty

Almost Done

I’m literally pages away from finishing The Colds, Book Two: The Realms. I was worried for a long while because I haven’t written this much in such a short amount of time since I was in high school and had the free time to do it. I only started writing it a few weeks ago (by hand, remember? I’m a lefty weirdo who still writes by hand!). And it’s already very nearly finished. I’m quite happy about that. I’m quite excited about it. It is always wonderful to finish a book. For like three seconds and then I’m thinking, oh crap, what do I do next? Which character is shouting the loudest demanding that I write about them next? Fun stuff.

I got to explore a lot of elements in The Realms that were only mentioned in passing in Allison Dutch’s series. I was also able to create an entirely new way for the main characters to interact with the world. I got to connect the dots across the cuilverse and give lovely little hints about some people’s past. I got to research clitoral piercings and go deeper into the touch language of scaroth vampires.

But most importantly, I got to write from the perspective of a well-adjusted, healthy person with a great family and a fantastic support system. If you’ve read any of my other works you’ll see that the majority of them have serious issues, come from terrible families, or simply have some twisted lives. Even though Ani Brewster meets people who do have these messed up backgrounds (and futures) she is the happiest character I’ve ever written. Sure, she starts out with some issues surrounding women. Sure, she tends to have a violent reaction to the color pink.

But she’s freaking awesome. She’s definitely kinky (goodness, some of her activities make even me blush) but she is a joy to write about. There’s still a long way to go in her tale. There are still horrible things happening around her and many more to come. But she’s on top of it. She’s fantastic and she’s not broken. I honestly never thought I could write about someone without seriously traumatic problems but I did. And she’s fantastic.

Let’s hope that lasts. This isn’t the last book that will feature her so we’ll see how long her good nature sticks. After all, this is me writing we’re talking about.

What are Numbers Worth?

Trigger warning: heavy shit incoming. Look away now if you’re scared.

One year and some months since my last surgery. Five surgeries total in my lifetime, one major. Four of those surgeries involved my pathetic excuses for reproductive organs.

One pregnancy that culminated in a miracle.

One that didn’t.

Nine years since I discovered Nikola Tesla and Douglas Hofstadter.

Nine years with my longest-term partner.

Four years is all I’d had before I lost my other long-term partner to natural causes.

Two women that broke my heart after two years.

Two years since I’ve been raped.

Seven years since I last cut myself.

Nine years since I tried to commit suicide.

Fifteen years since I was first raped (I was molested almost from the time I could walk, but I don’t include that here).

Fifteen years since I started writing stories and doing my own research.

Thirteen books published as of this Friday the 13th.

It’s my writing anniversary. I’ve been writing these crazy stories for fifteen years now. What does that mean? How do I celebrate it? These stories aren’t simply fun and fancy; they’re my story. They are how I survived. They are how I began to heal, although healing never truly ends. They are how I began to change my view of the world from a place of helplessness and invisibility to a place of wonder and creation. It all started with The Black Tree series. It will all end with The End of the Beginning. The middle…well, that’s a different story.

Is it an accomplishment that I’ve been writing this long? Does it mean anything that I still write by hand, putting pen to paper in a most sinister way?

The books that I’m publishing this year are a lot closer to my heart. They deal with experiences that I have survived. They deal with the dark and twisted thoughts I once thought. They were first written during the darkest periods of my life. They were the only places I could find the answers I needed. To look back on how depressed, empty, and suicidal I was is a surreal experience. When I think of what I’ve been through, I can’t imagine how I lived through it.

What was that fight that kept me going? How did I reassert my voice as the loudest one in my head after so many others screamed into it? How did I learn to accept and revel in my weirdness?

Where did all these words come from? What is this massive, interconnected world that I’ve created and why does it matter? Does it matter? Am I the only one who can appreciate it?

Other people say that I’ve inspired them to start writing their own stories. That I’ve inspired them to start writing at all. Have I really done something so wonderful? Have I really touched other lives?

Have I really come so far in fifteen years? Where did this joy come from?

I have been looking back through time, via my stories and with my partner, and there is so much pain and loss there. And yet here I am. Full, whole, happy. Healing. And I wanted to share that with those who did or will do the same. In fifteen years I’ll have been writing for thirty years (I doubt I’ll ever stop). What do all these numbers mean? What do they really show? I’ve been on this Earth 26, nearly 27 years. What do these numbers say about me and do I really care?

All those terrible, precious moments. Happy anniversary to me, whatever the day. Every day, every moment, is the anniversary of something. I lose count sometimes.

Character and Song #50: Morpheus

The god of sleep and dreams is content to give you nightmares. All so he can go home (the other gods kind of left him behind on Earth). He teams up with a vindictive bitch (who is not Lilith) in order to spread Shadows across the Earth. The Shadows taint Others and kill humans. They’re just a bunch of fun, really. Morpheus appears and subsequently disappears in the book In the Time of Toba, but he’ll be back… As soon as you close your eyes.

Even the god of sleep has to be held accountable. Count the sheep if you dare.

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You Don't Belong Here...

Getting Personal

You Don’t Belong Here, the first book in the Twisted Jinx series, is now available on Smashwords and Createspace. It will also be making its way into all the other channels within the next few days and weeks. So if you’d like to know way more about me than is probably socially acceptable, feel free to check it out and then throw stones at me.

In all seriousness, this series was started during a particularly tough time during my life. Writing it was how I survived my depression and my suicidal tendencies. It was how I began to take my sexuality back for myself. It was a large part of my journey to self-acceptance. The first book deals mostly with body issues being able to look another person in the eye (that may not seem like much but when you can trust no one, it becomes everything). The second book, which will be made available in the next few months, deals with me coming out, my attempts at suicide, and my cutting. Yes, I used to be a cutter.

There’s still fun and sex and a shitload of hints and background on the other series in the Cuil Effect Project, so if you can stomach the trauma and gay sex then I invite you to check it out (okay, it seems I’m still  little cheeky, after all). If you’d rather stay in the fantasy that all is well, stick with The Colds or something. Although, I have to tell you, I’m writing the second book now and things get a bit darker. It’s still not hopeless like The Black Tree series, thank goodness. At least not yet. We’ll see when I start book three.

Anyway, back on track. The writing style for the Twisted Jinx series is a lot different than my other series. That’s because most of it is in my own voice and because I’m writing about things that are extremely close to my heart. So please, if you can’t be gentle with it or can’t respect my truth, kindly fuck off.

In order that I end on a kinder note, please find more information on this series below. Thank you for reading.

About Twisted Jinx:

This series deals with the more personal experiences, dreams, and fears of the Author’s life. Knowing that certain aspects of herself and her history would forever set her apart from the rest of the world, Michon attempts to write stories in order to heal, in order to find answers, and in order to remain sane. Amidst a turbulent home life, a lack of resources, and various health issues that leave her wanting to commit suicide she writes to save her life. Determined to keep their Author alive, the characters from various series she’s written cross into the real world to assist her (or at the very least sleep with her). Michon can’t really decide whether they help or annoy her more. A lot of the characters have their own issues to deal with and it seems their journey across universes is more of a mixed blessing. Can they all truly come together and find that life is worth living? Will the Author finally be able to accept herself and face the world? Will she merely survive or will she find the fire she needs to thrive?

Character and Song #48: Arthur/Jason

Poor Arthur. His older sister is first in line to the throne of the Sun Kingdom, which means a lot of people want her dead. And when she escapes and meets up with the Black Tree crew, Arthur is left to fend for himself. This poor guy can barely find his way out of a closet and many people make fun of the fact that he has no ears, yet he manages to hold his own quite nicely. Though he grew up pampered, he develops skills that will ensure his survival. Now if only he wasn’t too shy to tell Princess Ariel his feelings for her. All in all, Arthur (aka Jason) may not look like much but he has a heart of gold. And he’s definitely saner than his sister and his cousin. Even when his home is destroyed during Marduk’s rampage, he manages to pick himself back up. He’s really more useful than he seems.

His song is Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta. Because he’s just adorable.

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I know, I know. Bad Michon. I leave you with this beautiful post last week and then I disappear. I have good reasons, I swear!

I’ve finished up the editing for the books that are to be released this year. But I’m still going to publish them one at a time because…just because. Shut up.

Anyway, I’ve also been dealing with the pain and severe brain fog caused by my endo and PCOS. That’s always a bitch and it can be hard to shake off the depression that comes with it. But I’ve discovered how truly amazing the people in my life are and how far I’ve really come. I’ve been having these conversations with my partner back in Ohio that sets my sapiosexual nerves on fire. I cannot describe how amazing it is to resonate with someone else’s mind and soul. It’s unbelievable. To be trading, celebrating, and experiencing knowledge and integrating information is beyond orgasmic. Mm, I just had to gush about it. It’s an honor and so beautiful to see how he’s grown as a person and how he’s honed his mind into the tool that moves him forward. He always surprises me and I love it.

But enough mushy stuff. I know you’re rolling your eyes and hoping I have some actual news for you. I do. I’ve been absent from the blog in part due to the aforementioned bullshit health reasons but also because I’ve been working on something I’ve never done before. I stretched my abilities to a format, a medium I don’t normally dabble in. This morning I submitted a screenplay for a contest for HBO that my awesome Mama (I call my stepmom Mama) came across. I’m familiar with stageplay scripts, and only barely since it’s been so long since I’ve acted. It was one of the most interesting and challenging exercises I’ve ever done. I didn’t worry that I’d never created a script before or had only a passing clue for how to format it. It was a fascinating world to step into and discover.

I read scripts. My dad actually had an old script on hand for one of our favorite shows. I read a lot of, uh, let’s say enthusiastic advice about the film industry and what to write and what not to write and how to do it. So much of it seemed to contradict itself. I’m not saying my script is the most excellent thing ever or that it will be selected. That wasn’t the point of this. It was me doing something that before I would have balked at because of the lack of experience or doubt in myself and my ideas.

The script I wrote is actually based on one of the books that I will write. It was so cool to understand which things I could write into the script and the things that can never be depicted on the screen. It helped me understand more about a world I was unfamiliar with. And what an amazing glimpse it is. So for my next fix to feed my sapiosexual addictions, I shall learn more about the film industry. After all, I do hope to have many of my books converted to fit on the screen, perhaps as live action but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to seeing them as anime. In fact, I think that might accurately convey the surreality in a way that live action can’t always do. I don’t know. That’s one of the things that I hope to find out.

It’s exciting and I can’t wait to jump in. And if I find that my script has been selected, well, I think I’d explode like I was in a Michael Bay movie. Either way, I have been changed and I’ll never go back. I accomplished something I never pictured myself doing and that’s gold. Imagine what else I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. Luckily I’ve been armed with an amazing new doctor (I did mention I finally saw the doctor today, yes? No, shame on me. Perhaps Micala should punish me a bit) who’s embarking with me on getting me as close to an approximation of healthy as possible. I will never be healthy. Never. But I can still thrive. I can have my health be the best it can be under the circumstances. And apparently I can accomplish things I never thought possible.

In other words (in my best little kid voice): Look, I did it!