The Thing All Women Do That You Don’t Know About | Drifting Through My Open Mind

I know, I know. Sporadic posting. I have much fewer spoons so please have mercy. I am still working on articles for other magazines and blogs. Also…I started writing In the Time of Toba: Lilith. I think you’ll like it. Anyway, this article is way too important to pass up. It’s not very inclusive of […]

Unfenced Relationships – Facilitated by Sex 3.0!

As an #aromantic who grew up #poly and a longtime author of #polyfiction, I love that someone else gets this! It’s everything I’ve been thinking and writing about since I was a little kid. I now have a word to describe the way I’ve done relationships in my life and how I’ve written them in […]

Full-Stack Developer Before Birth by Michon Neal – GoFundMe

Ok, I know. I know! Bad Michon, taking forever to put up new posts and simply sharing articles from elsewhere. I have a really good excuse; I swear! See, I’ve received some amazing news in these last couple of weeks. And I’ve had to do some planning for how this will all work. On top […]