Hermetically Sealed and Beating the Odds


If science has taught us anything, it is that nature abhors a vacuum. Many scientists are now describing the vacuum, the great nothing, as actually being filled with potential. Not only potential but enough energy to blow the bejesus out of space itself. It is unknown what force, if any, prevents space itself from blowing itself to smithereens for all eternity.

I return to the original point; no matter where you look in the universe you find that there is no such thing as a complete vacuum. This posits two things: that anything conceivable has a very small chance of happening and that there is always a way. No event is completely isolated. This makes scientists uncomfortable, nearly as much as infinities or singularities. I’ll write on those topics later.

We often hear the phrases “what are the odds”and “beating the odds” but what practicality can be derived from these? How do they affect our everyday lives, and what implications do they have for our thoughts, behaviors, and their effects on the world at large? The best we can gather is that the quantum world operates by probabilities, likelihoods. The potential of nothing is concretized into actual events, into solid objects based on the most likely outcome of an arrangement of trillions of particles. It’s like the imagination come to life and it is amazing.

People calculate their own odds, based on their average experience. Usually this means they fall into patterns. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can lead to stagnation. The whole universe is changing more times than we can count every single second; does it make sense to behave as if we are any different? If all your need is that one tiny chance, no matter how miniscule, that means it’s possible. There is a way. The number on the other side just means that that is the number of certain events that need to occur first. So the lower your odds, the higher the number of events need to happen, meaning the more work you have to do or effort you have to put in. Whenever I’m sad, or dragged into the past, or wondering if I’ll ever make it, I remember the odds. The nice thing is, once you put effort behind it, your odds increase.

Oddly enough, what this also means is there is no vacuum that people operate in. The saying goes “no man is an island.” There is always a leak somewhere, no matter how small. Though the thread may only be an atom thick or smaller, it is still weaved into the universe. That’s what the unity principle is: on the smallest of scales we’re literally sewn to each other. Not to say there is no freedom. We have remarkable freedom of movement: physical or mental. It’s just that if we pull hard enough, we end up tugging others in one direction or another. So watch out for that, and maybe ask them first.

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