Recycling and Consciousness

Everything repeats itself. Nature is made up of many cycles: seasons, fractals, the same patterns over and over. The simplest pattern is repetition and nature’s mastered it. Everything operates from little particle that are also waves. What is a wave but the flowing in and out of the same initial point?

It is ironic that we are taught everything save consciousness is recycled, born anew, refreshed into a new form. This is due to the dearth of information surrounding the origin of consciousness coupled with the prevailing reductionist and mechanistic views of humanity. This can be better summed up as the classical view of consciousness; the assumption starts with the idea that consciousness is derivable from processes, that it is an emergent phenomena based on physiology. The problem with this is the general problem of reductionist theory and incompatible with the rest of nature, in that consciousness is an over-and-above occurrence, rendering it unnecessary for basic functioning.

To make this clearer I shall say this: consciousness is primarily about choice between certain actions. Yet the prevailing theories about it are based in a classical view of the universe. This is the free will problem. If the universe is deterministic (which quantum physics and relativity birth say is not the case) then there is no room or reason for free will or consciousness. Yet as the classical model was replaced with an updated version in other areas so too must it be in this instance.

Dr. Stuart Hameroff (Microtubules as Carriers of Consciousness) proposes that or souls, the source of our consciousness, is recyclable. Many mainstream scientists reject this idea. They are kind of required to since they view the brain from a classical standpoint. Consciousness has not found its proper place amongst the sciences. It is like the infinity, the singularity, taunting us with its elusive yet ever-present qualia-creating ability. Deepak Chopra (Consciousness-based Science) has also proposed a model that seats the qualia of consciousness right into the quanta dynamic. Both have a lot to prove if either will ever be taken seriously.

My writer’s brain latches onto these theories as they work well in my imaginary worlds. They make sense, more sense than the alienated view humans have of themselves right now. Philosophically, they also have a certain appeal. Consciousness becomes a cause instead of a random and unwelcome elephant in the room. Nature is cyclical, not necessarily repetitious, but it does use a similar template to create new variations. We don’t really have a template for consciousness in the dualistic worldview.

I’m waiting for confirmation either way. Humans have long feared or at least seemed to be bothered by the fact that we think. We haven’t figured out what it means to be an observer yet beyond the ability to choose. Even that is contentious to some. I love the mind, the soul, and I am anxiously waiting for confirmation either way. If we are nothing, or something more. That we are not over and above, nor beneath, but maybe right beside the other natural forces. Recycling our minds over and over, in an altered form each time.

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