The Hidden Moment

Light takes a fraction of a second to reach your retinas and then another fraction to be processed by your brain. Sound takes a bit longer to go through the same process. Yet something in this process allows us to take the information from our senses at these differing speeds and combine it to form an all-encompassing experience. Our consciousness forms a filter thorough which we grasp events as related and occurring all at once, instead of in discrete, separated packages. Oddly enough this means that experience itself is a kind of hallucination, a dream, a story we tell ourselves in order to understand the world.

Yet there’s an even stranger phenomenon happening here. In order for the brain to process an experience and mold the world into one full picture, it must anticipate what will happen. That’s not that strange. What’s odd is how the brain can do this. Think about it, literally everything that you perceive right now has already happened! You are literally looking, feeling, hearing, smelling the past. Albeit it is only by microseconds.

One day I decided to meditate on the current moment. The self that existed now at this very moment, not the one that receiving past information. Needless to say, the experience that followed was transformative. It completely altered my perspective. My consciousness was the only current event. What this means is that no matter what is happening, I have an advantage. At any moment I can choose to start a new thought, or refresh, or take a step back. The current moment is completely free space. I can always step back into the past or plan for the future again. But those current moments are an entirely new world. It is enough time to make a choice.

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