This is one phenomenon I’ve always had trouble understanding. Just the thought of a woman enjoying sex or sexual behavior seems to be a big no-no to people, as if it’s the most impossible thing. Unless they are actually sex addicts, though (who actually get very little pleasure from sexual acts), real people who have relations with many others has been something that’s happened since humanity first existed. As long as everyone is being safe, sane, and consensual it really is no one else’s business! The hypocritical attitude toward men and women who have had lots of partners is one of the most ridiculous and bizarre set of beliefs. My number is nowhere near Seattlepolychick’s yet any number other than 0 appears to push people’s buttons. I urge you to never take on unearned guilt. You’re the only one living your life.

Merry Christmas (totally random, I know)

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    1. Thank you for writing about it. It’s a big issue and it’s easy be made to feel bad about yourself. My stories involve women who have lots of sexual encounters. None of them are made to feel bad for it, some of them have fleeting thoughts. I want to help change that attitude if I can.


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