The Changing of Allison Dutch

I am in the process of reprinting my first two books and printing the last book (in this series, not period) for the first time. If you don’t know, I am the author of the Allison Dutch series. The first book is called The Changing of Allison Dutch and follows the start of Allie’s dark adventure into the vampire world. I can guarantee it’s like nothing you’ve read before. It’s random, it’s deep, and I think it’s rather funny. Most of all, it’s crazy and a lot of the characters are insane. It also ties into another series I will be making available this year called The Black Tree series. Anyway, the link to the reprint of The Changing of Allison Dutch is below. All of my books tend to deal with heavy issues, so please use discretion. If you appreciate dark, humorous, fantastical tales of growth, healing, and humor then you might like it. Ok, official plugging done. 🙂

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