Writing Saved My Life

My stories are…unique. They read like dreams and cover vastly divergent topics. Yet somehow, there are strong core threads that link many of them together, weaving one through another like twining branches on the tree of my artistic ability. The first series I ever wrote is called The Black Tree and it has become a symbol of the entirety of my writing and my life in general. I was barely a teenager and bored in the classroom (I was ahead of the curve). I had so much turmoil burning me from the inside out, so much pain and no outlet.

One day, while journaling for class, I started a story about a girl who discovered she was an alien and set off into space to help her parents end an intergalactic war. Over the years, I poured the entirety of my overactive imagination, my pain and my hopes, and my questions about life into the pages I wrote. The trunk of the Black Tree series bloomed into branches and leaves and the roots burrowed deeper into my soul. Slowly, as I created safe worlds for me to fall into and explore I began to heal.

I learned who I was, and I no longer wanted to die. Though it is raw, I decided that other people out there who were struggling needed a voice. When I learned I could self-publish it was like sunlight shining through my leaves. My stories were rather unusual and I doubted a traditional publisher would take on the challenge of making it available. Now my tree has been planted in a fertile soil and I hope and wish that others will water it and watch it grow with me.

My author page (with information on all of the places you can find my books) is on Goodreads:


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