Update On My Writing

Wow. Alright, I have been working furiously the past few days assembling a list of all of my interconnected stories. It is not a list of every story I have written or will write. It just includes all of the books and series that fit together. It is amazing, and I hope it helps the readers understand better how it all works together and what is yet to come. It represents a puzzle of sorts and I hope people find it useful. I will be including it in all of my published books from now on as an introduction. My published works have all been updated and should be available within the next day or two. Meanwhile, sneak on over to goodreads and read the entire Allison Dutch series for free. It will be available in its entirety until I publish The Black Tree. Then I make only one book at a time available as I publish the rest of that series.



I will return to the Integrity Posts in the next few weeks. I have such wonderful new insights and I’d love to share them with you. Please bear with me. I must take every moment I can to work on my stories, for I am a writer. If any of you are, you know that when inspiration strikes it hunts you down and beats you until you do its bidding. Please send good vibes my way. This is the largest project I have ever done.

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