A Fresh Start

Ha as if I didn’t have enough planned for this year now I have another big idea. A truly frictionless environment. The largest experiment I’ll likely ever do. One of my characters asked me why I never wrote anything happy. I finally have my answer to that. It will probably be an even bigger project than the BTS universe. It’s been sinking in what a complete alien I am and I’ve finally find a way to make use of that. Turning alienation into something new. Who knows if anyone will get it but that’s not the point. This challenge will let me know if I can truly order my mind when it has been so disordered in the past. My books are usually about nonsense and trying to figure out why people stand for it. This work will be different as I sort out what I actually understand about the world (if anything). I’ll give more details on this later, I know it may not make much sense without knowing you knowing the actual plot. It’s still gestating.

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