I love this. I could never understand why people stopped short on certain topics. I’ve always been a searcher, and I’ve taken time a few times a year to reexamine what I think I believe and what I actually know. It’s a lovely task, oftentimes, but it is right. I swore to take nothing for granted for my own sake and each day I can shake off some dust-covered useless idea. I’m certain of less and less as time goes on yet that which I know has a stronger foundation for it.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

Skepticism is a method.

I’ll repeat.

skeptical-method-by-amySkepticism is a method.  It is not a set of beliefs or even tentative conclusions (it leads to the latter, however).  You cannot be a skeptic for a little while, come to some conclusions, and stop being skeptical.  OK, well, you can do that, but doing so is counter-productive, assuming you care what’s true and not merely a little better than what you used to think. I mean, if all you want is to ditch Christianity, and you use skepticism to do that and get to Scientology, then it did it’s job, but you left the job partially done (and poorly, in that case).

You have to keep that toolbox open all the time, apply it to new information, and make sure that old information is challenged in light of new data.  It may sound tiring, but being a skeptic is perpetual, and should…

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