Integrated Living Series Part Three: The Home in Your Head

People often want really nice homes. They dream of setting it up, adding personal touches, and maybe even having a family fill it up. Yet there’s another home each one of us had that we forget about. It’s the one in our head.

No matter what, the brain is an inescapable part of our lives. Until we die, it remains a constant. Perhaps because it is so it tends to be overlooked. It is taken for granted. No spring cleaning is done, no close examination of the ways we link ideas together occurs, no awareness of the foundation we build on can be found. Education is supposed to take care of this yet few successfully apply organization to their own mind.

The very seat of our experience is rooted in reason. Through all of the complicated and entangled associations we design in our brains there remains a set of rules that are always at play. This is our home. These root ideas determine every other choice we make. We will follow the logic of these reasons because that is how we evolved. The better the reasons, the fuller the life.

It is hard work to follow each thought to its source. This if probably why many people will settle for only digging halfway before giving up or saying good enough. They will examine one area and lave another untouched. The irony is the dread they feel for exploration will manifest every unexamined corner of their consciousness. The less they know of the shape of their first home the more room for fear remains. That’s due to the fact that if you aren’t watching it, it naturally falls into disrepair. It becomes unsafe by virtue of the lack of maintenance.

For a few years now I have been walking through my home to find out what it is made of. I take note of repairs that need to be made, additions I’d like to create, and rooms that are just fine as they are. I swore to myself I’d take nothing for granted and that means all of my ideas and reactions are up to be tested as well. Is there anything cooler?

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