Character and Song Number One: Riel

I’m not really going to introduce my characters in order. I’m just going to write about whoever I like the most that day.

I want to start with Riel because he’s such a loud character. He is first introduced in The Life of Allison Dutch. He’s a blond, green-eyed scaroth vampire who meets Queen Aeryn during a vampire rave. He is the sex god of the scaroth race; basically he is so tops at sex that people (even vamps) can’t stand being with him for long. As soon as I created him, I heard Mindless Self Indulgence’s “Shut Me Up” in my head (warning-if you are not familiar with MSI, please do not listen to this song at work!). It just seems to embody everything that this crazy guy is. Riel Shancus was such a fun character to write and I’m definitely thinking of going deeper into his story sometime. If you’d like to know whether Queen Aeryn could handle him, check out the Allison Dutch series, available on Kobo, Goodreads, Createspace, just, like, a lot of places. I should probably add links to all of the sites on my info page. Yes, I think I will.

Alas, I cannot reveal too much more now about the insanely high-energy Riel. Of course, as always, if you send me questions about any of the stories and/or characters, I’ll totally reply to you in the end of the next published book.

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