My Truth…

I struggle with PCOS as well. I spent years something why every time I menstruating I would want to kill myself and I’d be filled with this incredible rage that had no source. It want until the year I had my child that I discovered I had this awful condition. I had been infertile before but that year I five a wonderful doctor who found out what I had and gave me fertility drugs. I never felt better than when I was pregnant. I began eating better and for once I felt healthy. This is a struggle (one of many I mentioned in The Loudest Voice) that will continue throughout my life. Its also made me think about why I feel more male than female. This condition certainly adds to the feeling but it is separate from my gender identity (I know many of you may not understand that). This blog post sums up the lengths people have to go through to lessen the damage of something going out of whack for no reason. Its a reminder that you never know what someone else may be going through so just be kind.


unconditional love of myselfFor over a decade, I struggled with unexplained weight gain AND the inability to lose the excess pounds even with diet and exercise; all this weight kept inching its way onto my 5’ 6” frame slowly but surely taking up what felt like permanent residence. How was this even possible?

I was a tiny kid and in middle school had my “chubby” moment for about half a second and then really thinned out to 125-150 pounds in high school and college (for my height my ideal weight is 150-160). Then it all changed. It all went south; and by south, I mean to my waistline. Below is a picture of me at my 15th birthday… blonde and 125 pounds.

1988 - My 15th BirthdayMy #1 health issue is: PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is called a syndrome instead of a disease because it is an entire host of symptoms that are not consistent with…

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