I never meta eulogy of an idea I didn’t like

Like Shaun, I have many of these moments of connectedness, like I can see how everything fits together. Yet like him, I was able to suspect that feeling from religion or spirituality. If anything, I just see that connection as seeing life as life. For me, it’s a surreal realization that myself and others are alive and how strange that is. But as yet, there is no satisfactory answer to why this is. This is getting tangential but “why” is the most interesting question. You ask it and run up against that boundary where you have to say, “I don’t know”. The brain is very good at making things seen complete, so moments like this remind me that even consciousness has limits it can’t get around. That’s kind of cool.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

In dealing with periodic depression and even moments of feeling invincible, powerful, and brilliant (which I know I am not), I sometimes have this sensation of this overwhelming sense of certainty concerning the thoughts which inhabit my mind.  When I feel confident, I believe it.  When I feel powerless, I believe it.  And sometimes, not often but significantly, I have another kind of experience associated with a different kind of certainty; not of the nature of the world, but of my relationship to it.

It is a feeling of transcendence, being able to comprehend issues in a way which are barely articulate, but which my mind is able to dance with freely for a little while.  And then it goes away, and I am unable to describe it well in many cases.  Sometimes, these ideas turn into blog posts.  This is not an example.

In fact, the idea I did…

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