Character and Song Number Five: Stuart Jalenais

Stuart is the Black Tree version of Mark Ashton. They share a lot in common, from their looks to their personality. Mark Ashton’s clan may even be the source of all Jupiter vampires. Who knows; his family certainly sleeps around enough for that to be true. Although it is a mystery why Jupiter vampires are only male. However, Stuart is the lover to Mark’s fighter. Stuart tends to be a little calmer and nicer. He’s one of two Ambassadors of Saturn and he shows up in the missing book two (unknown title) to guide the Black Tree crew. Unfortunately, his love for one of the crew’s enemies tends to get them all into trouble. He’s extremely flirtatious, making moves on nearly every female (it’s actually built into his name, Stuart as in “the steward”). He’s intensely jealous and desires everyone’s attention to be on him constantly. See, on Jupiter, each vampire who shares a certain name has a specific type of personality. All Stuarts are meant to serve in some capacity. As another example, all Greggs are really, really good at sports and all Jefferys are perfect gentlemen. Stuart tends to ride the middle, being neither entirely good or evil but just very troubled. Yet his power of charm and seduction is practically unrivaled amongst the group, which is why his song is “Remember Me” by Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd. This is due to the fact that he’s a whore and no one cares, because he’s a sexy ass vampire named Stuart!

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