Character and Song Six: Jeffery Beale (Jean Claude Michel Dupont)

Jean Claude is the man Queen Aeryn left Mark Ashton for in the history of the Allison Dutch series. At first, there is much bad blood between Jean and Mark yet eventually they settle into a strained relationship. Jean spent time as a rock star before Queen Aeryn died the last time and Riel is a big fan of his. He is a logmin vampire, which means that he is sensitive to the sun and can’t reproduce sexually (because he’s, you know, kind of dead). Mark teases him about this constantly. He was lucky enough to be the former companion to Mark Ulf (who I’ll tell you about in a later post) which is why he knows so much about Queen Aeryn’s previous lives. With his blond hair and mood-matched eyes, he can usually be found donning a suit. He is obsessed with Queen Aeryn and is rather vain. He tends to be stalkerish and even though his eyes change colors with his mood it is difficult to know what he is thinking. He reveals very little of his time spent time-travelling with Mark Ulf or what is to come in the future (frustrating Queen Aeryn to no end). He is the son of Gena Michel Dupont, whom Queen Aeryn absolutely hates. And for some reason, he loves discussing suicide and depression with Queen Aeryn. The only song creepy enough to fit him is Chester Bennington’s “Walking Dead”.

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