Character and Song Number Seven: Donartez Caila

Donartez is the oldest living logmin vampire, entitling him to head seat of the Vampire Council (a bunch of old dullards that are the heads of the 42 oldest vampire families). He is of rather short stature, with jet black hair and eyes. Like Mark Ashton, he often wears vests and leather pants, although he walks around barefoot most of the time. He is the main one responsible for Queen Aeryn’s previous deaths. He can’t be killed yet because no other vampire is strong enough to do the deed. Since he’s over 5000 years old the sun barely harms him anymore. He is one of Queen Aeryn’s original logmin children. For whatever reason, he also tries really hard to sleep with Sam Dayner, Mark Ashton’s son/clone. The only person that seems to like him at all is Mejir Dayner, Cris’ son (Cris is one of Allison Dutch’s best friends, though god only knows why). Queen Aeryn hates him, both for the fact that he had her killed and because he once served in the Roman army, the one that brought Egypt to ruin. He is reluctantly allowed to stay in the castle in Italy with the others due to the problem of no one being able to kill him that I mentioned before. I imagine him waltzing around to MSI’s  “Never Wanted to Dance”. Pick your version; I’m sure both fit.

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