I’ll Be Back

Hello all! I am sorry I haven’t posted anything recently. I’ve been dealing with one of my recurring illnesses, and it is a bitch! Funnily enough, right now my anger is my best friend. Anger gives you plenty of energy and I funnel it into my work (cleaning). I know that seems strange, but this ordeal gave me a great idea for a post about how anger (or mania) can actually be helpful. I know, shocker! In other news, I still plan on publishing books 10-14 of the Black Tree Series this year, so don’t worry! I also have hundreds more characters to write about and share with you, including some from books I have yet to write. So, sneak peaks are totes cool, right? I don’t know the lingo, forgive me. Send me good energy as I manage this illness and I will continue to bring you the wacky worlds inside of my head. Cheers!

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