Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, “sticky”

It’s always important to take care of your health, no matter your circumstances. I don’t understand the whole emotional aspect behind fluid bonding but then again I’m not normal. I do like that Solo points out that having safer sex means paying more general attention to your partners and exploring new ways to connect. In my stories, I do include some conversations surrounding safe sex and the consequences of unprotected sex. Although my characters are luckier in that most of them can’t contract diseases. They have a lot of fun making fun of humans for this. Anyway, this is a long read yet it is totally worth it. It’s something I will address more deeply in my Nothing for Granted project (more on this later but suffice it to say most of my books deal with the ridiculousness of nonsense whereas this will deal with people who make sense). So be safe, everyone and be creative!

Solo Poly

Yeah, OK, pun intended. Couldn’t help it.

Sexual health — and particularly safer sex skills — are key considerations in any relationship or connections that involve sexual contact. This is true even for monogamous relationships (because most of them are only ostensibly, not actually, monogamous) as well as for nonmonogamous relationships and more casual encounters. And fluid bonding (having barrier-free sex) can significantly increase most serious STI risks — if you don’t handle it consciously at all times.

Fluid bonding is not something that anyone should embark upon cavalierly or by default, not even monogamous people — not if they care about their own health and that of their partners.

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One thought on “Why fluid-bonded sex is, um, “sticky”

  1. I also want to note it’s not just sexual safety people need to take into account. Cleaning houses drives home the importance of being careful as well. It might be a bit of my OCD but I’ve always been one to wash my hands every opportunity I get. Germs and diseases are everywhere so take care. Luckily our immune systems are built to handle most of it! Life is risk so take precautions accordingly but remember to breathe, too. Most times it’s not the end of the world. 🙂


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