Character and Song Number Ten: Michon

Hold on. Is that…is that my name? Curious. It appears that the author has stepped into their own story-in order to heal. Against a backdrop of cuil level six insanity a young Michon works to sort her head and her secrets out. Michon first appears in The Black Tree series and pops up in various books on a whim. For one with so much power she seems so lost and scared. And angry. One of her most terrifying powers is deletion. What is she really doing there and why does she just seem to make things worse? In any case, her song is Gossip’s Move in the Right Direction.

*Special note: As noted in the BTS, my writing was therapeutic as well as self-exploratory. I’ll explain why I write and the unique way I write in a later blog post. For now, just know that a child was hurting and growing and these different series show part of that journey. However, just because she was young doesn’t mean it was flowers and sunshine. It’s dark, gritty, and oh so silly. I suppose it’s what happens when one grows up too fast.

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