Song and Character Number Sixteen: Mark Ulf

Mysterious and dark, this fallen Angel haunts the life of young Allison Mae as she grows into the formidable Queen Aeryn. Every once in a while he appears to her to offer guidance in the most depressing voice ever. The only problem is that their conversations occur out of order! No one knows where he’s from or why he’s been on Earth for millennia searching. All they know is that he is the first version of Mark Blue, who doesn’t like him very much. They share features in common as well as powers: with black eyes and no whites, black-beyond-all-reason hair, pale skin, a sneer that drives to the core, the power to make people sleep, the ability to travel through time, and the best repertoire of tricks since Rebecca the Sun Princess was born. Mark Ulf seems to want to take Queen Aeryn away but can she get over her fear of his alien nature enough to help? Mark’s song is Let It Be by Blackmill. He soars first in the Allison Dutch series. You’ll find out about his creepier reincarnation when I get up the guts to write it. Shiver.

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