It’s true for life in general and true for writing. Art can be so personal. Any rejection of it can feel like a rejection of your very self. I like that shaunphilly stresses that it’s helpful to went it to reach those who appreciate it. That’s the best we can work for even if most people are saying no. I know I want to read this book of his. It sounds cool. And I’ll let you all know what I think. It takes some bravery to put yourself out there again and again. Maybe even more so with art or writing.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

Intimacy brings with it the promise of wonderful pleasure as well as the potential for pain.

Whenever we open up to someone, we hope that the other person will do the same.  If you meet someone you like, you can try and talk to them and they may respond or they may blow you off.  If you ask someone out, they can accept or they may reject you.  The first time you tell someone that you love them, they may reciprocate and they may not.  But we make these moves anyway, knowing that we are taking a risk of emotional injury.

Among all of these stages, as well as many others, we make ourselves vulnerable.  We display a part of ourselves, whether it be our bodies, our minds, our dreams, or our creations and there is the possibility that these things will not be appreciated.  There is a possibility that…

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