The Cuil Effect

The name of my integrated works that stem from The Black Tree series is called The Cuil Effect. Why? Because cuil theory is fantastic and absurd and yet still ties together just like life. I first happened upon cuil theory when a friend posted a link to a video by Roy Kelly that made me laugh harder than anything I’ve ever experienced. If you appreciate cuil theory you might enjoy my stories employing it.

And now a beautiful quote that sums up why I write about painful and weird subjects: Cass: I think the message is Self Acceptance. In everything we’ve done together, and I think a lot of what we did before we met, it was about letting your freak flag fly and finding a space where other people like you can also be unique, original, honest, real. You know, there’s a rebellious streak in that, I don’t think that life is as it seems in the Gap commercial. I think the Gap commercial people have french kissed each other and stuck their fingers up their butts when no ones looking and they are real, real people with real feelings, and I feel like the world is increasingly fake and airbrushed and filtered. I think the more that we can do as individuals to create space for people to be authentic- and so often that equates to weird even though I personally think EVERYBODY’s weird, on the inside- I think that creating space for that and creating examples of that automatically liberates others, like in that wonderful Marianne WIlliamson quote:

“As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.”

I began writing to save myself, to explore the world, and to deconstruct everything I could think of. My stories incorporate elements from many different genres. This introduces some difficulty in pinning down which is the most relevant. However I believe the term cuil fiction (I made that up myself) describes it perfectly. Each different book series is a different level of cuil. Each level of cuil is one step further removed from reality. Imagine the experiments and play this opens up in writing! I will write about each series and its cuil level much like I’m picking a song for each of my characters. I will explain how far removed from reality it is and then write an overview of each series.

What makes cuil theory a perfect tool for my writing is that it is integral to the story line itself. The Black Tree series is the trunk of a tree of interconnected works. This also means it has a higher cuil level because it is at the nexus of the event that split the universe. The further away a series is on the tree the lower its cuil level. It’s farther away from the crack in the universe. The closer a series is to the cuil event the higher the level of weirdness. This is why there isn’t much out there like my writing. Though it may seem like many random events occur in each book there is a method to this madness. If all this sounds interesting to you please feel free to check out my books. I currently have over 50 left to publish and a number of others to write so wish me luck. This writing project is one that may take my entire life to finish. In so many ways it is my life. I do have books and plans for books that are not included in The Cuil Effect project but those will come later.

I invite you into the cuilest universe you’ll ever see. I hope to see you there!

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