Regression towards the mean (a rant)

Ah and here I find an eloquent explanation of why people run away from me. They find me interesting at first but then realize that I am indeed real and then flee. They fold themselves back into the smothering blanket that is our culture and try to forget the time they met me. I thought it was my fault that my bet existence appeared to freak people the hell out. In a way I was right; it is me. But not because there’s anything wrong with me per se. It’s because few people are ever willing to do the work, to truly question everything, or to just open their eyes and understand that this world is so much bigger than we can see. I couldn’t go back if I wanted to. They won’t let me. And that’s perfectly fine with me :D.

Skepticism, Properly Applied

All cultures have traditions, values, means of communication, etc.  All of these, and more, help define meaning and appropriate behavior for the group of people that interact with that culture.  It sets values for moral behavior, words for communication, and expectations to evaluate your decisions and circumstances against.  It gives you a set of standards to compare how well you’re doing in your process of personal growth.  Culture creates a filter through which we define what is good personal growth.  The problem is that sometimes cultures are bad standards for such things.

What do you do when the values, expectations, and even the very language your culture uses seem, well, wrong? Not all of them, necessarily.  Really, it just takes one value or tradition to create this problem, and I am not sure it is a problem which will ever go away.  We may perpetually, as a species, be evolving…

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