Song and Character Number Eighteen: Marduk

Mikassa cradled the Combined talisman and strolled up to the great door. He held it up and touched the door with it. It dissolved into the material and the door swung open. Our nightmare began. Marduk slinked out in his snake form. He was enormous, stretching the entire length of the chamber. His eyes darted this way and that before coming to rest on Mikassa. “You have opened my prison?” he hissed out. I translated for everyone present.

“Yes,” Mikassa squeaked, actually looking like maybe he should have thought this through more.

“I shall take you.”

“Take me?”

“You shall be my host until I am restored to my former glory.” With that the god poured into Mikassa, who screamed bloody murder. He stood crouched over for a moment and then turned around to face us. His eyes were different. The irises were black and the whites had turned a sinister green. A sneer crossed his face, not unlike Mark’s. “Yes.” He reveled in his new form. His voice induced a heavy tugging feeling, as if one were being drawn into the event horizon and could do nothing but accept that fate. I stepped closer to him.

“Run!” Katoni bellowed to the others. They followed her. I remained behind.

Basilisk by Fred and Grafix is quite appropriate for the god of gods. He was sealed away thousands of years ago by Faeries and the god Gangos. Now he’s returned to assume his old throne. As you begin your new year be thankful you won’t endure what the Black Tree crew will. To learn more about their horrible ordeal with the newly awakened god keep a lookout for book ten, Caught in the Crossfire, coming soon to make you feel better about your own life.

Happy New Year!

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