Character and Song #20: Lilith

The first human woman, the first wife of Adam, and the baddest bitch to ever step foot on Earth. Lilith is the mother of all monsters that originated on Earth. She is seductress, she is power, and she is insatiable (sounds familiar, eh? I’m sure there’s another character I have who’s very similar. I wonder what that means?). Rejecting the unequal relationship she had with Adam, she carves out her own space with the Archangel Samael and Seraphim Vitas. Over time, they breed the creatures that evolve into werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of the night. She and her ilk become nearly as immortal as the gods with help from a very special tree (I wonder what it could be?). Yet when the human population is threatened by the Toba Event, set in motion by a nefarious asshole who wants to wipe out all life on Earth, it’s up to Lilith to save them (now I’m sure I’ve heard this one before). Hey, she’s not all bad. Her theme can only be the masterpiece that the talented *James Neal has created above. Lilith bows to no one, not even the Death that chases her, and the music James has created is just as bold as she. Her adventures will be documented in the series: In the Time of Toba. But don’t worry, there are hints and glimpses of her throughout the Cuil Multiverse.

*James Neal retains all rights to this song. If you’d like to distribute or otherwise use this song in any way, please send me a message so that I can let him know. Don’t steal it because that’s not cool and I will send Mark Ashton to kill you.

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