Character and Song #21: Queen Aeryn

The queen of all vampires. The first logmin vampire. A vindictive bitch. With long black hair, piercing brown eyes, and caramel skin linking her to ancient Egypt, Queen Aeryn has appetites bigger than Earth. A good bit of her character is based on the lover I lost to death a few weeks ago. One of her favorite pastimes is murdering Mark Ashton’s incarnations. Her latest reincarnation has granted her the powers of all races of vampire. She doesn’t care much for politics yet is extremely manipulative. She has a magnetic nature that often results in strangers trying to kiss her. There is nothing she hates more than lies yet she must do so to save the lives of those she loves. She has a fairly bad temper but she also loves deeply. As she grows up she seeks to correct her mistakes while protecting her kingdom. As evil as anyone may think she is, she’s also the only one who stands a chance of defeating the elf that wants to destroy the universe. Because she needs no words to express her sensuality and aggression, *electric 5 cube electric 2 inferno (see above) by James Neal fits her as well as her Shroud. Follow her adventures through the Allison Dutch series and the Aftermath series.

*copyright James Neal. Seriously Mark Ashton will kill you if you steal it.

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