Character and Song #22: Truth

You read that right. Although in this case the Truth isn’t so much here to set you free than to smack you dead in the face. Along with her merry crew…ha ha, ok, let’s be honest since we’re in the presence of the truth; along with her intimidating band of awkwardly named sidekicks, Truth hunts down Bad Guys, Trize, and Lazy Asses to dole out some hardcore veracity on how things really are. Her eyes and hair change color depending on her mood or what she senses from others (sounds a bit like someone else we know). No one’s really sure where she came from or exactly what her task is on Earth. All That Guy knows is that she and her rowdy, eccentric friends make his life way too interesting. You’ll find out more about her adventures sometime next year. In the meantime, enjoy Morgan Freeman dropping some Truth with B.o.B. in Bombs Away, which would make a suiting theme song for her.

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