The Dark Side

This is some heavy shit. I do not post this lightly. I don’t need any nonsense spouted about this. It’s a hard topic with very little information available. I don’t recommend this for young or delicate eyes. Use discretion. There is no graphic language or anything but it is an incredibly difficult topic.

Potential trigger warning: I was terrified of reading this, especially given my past being on the receiving end of such monstrosity. It’s definitely got me on the verge of tears but not for the reason I thought it would. Yes, this is a difficult subject. Yes, there are really those out there who hurt people. There are also wonderful people fighting immense battles like the kid here. People just trying to understand what is happening to them. I cannot begin to understand what it’s like from the other side like that. The only comparison I have is to my own mental disorders and the fight to not let them destroy my own life. What has me nearly crying is the shame and fear around this. This young man was turned away by the people who were supposed to be able to help. If we want things, if we want THIS to change then we have to start really talking about it, thinking about it, learning about it. We have to be brave enough to stare our monsters in the face and strip away their power. I have no idea if pedophiles can be redirected, cured, or simply managed like others with mental disorders but my God do I want to at least find out. It starts with us. How can you fix something if you won’t even look at it? It gives me a whole new challenge to change my perspective on something I’ve never understood. One day soon, I’ll be sharing my own story in my books. My family’s been warned because all of that pain might come rushing back and I’ll need their support like never before. But if I write it, will people like this young man read it, understand how they can hurt people, and find the courage to seek help? I’m really hoping the best for him. He’s a brave soul.

The Story of a 19-Year-Old Pedophile




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