4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter — Everyday Feminism

I love this. I’ve already practiced or set into practice the first three. I hadn’t heard of the touching-the-shoulder thing to help kids wait. That’s something I’ll try out with my little one. Consent is so important and it needs to learned from a young age. Learning about how consent should happen and how it works helped me understand my powerlessness in awful situations. Due to the way I’d grown up and the abuse I’d suffered at such a young age, I grew older never realizing that I could say no or how to say no. And even the times I did the other person or people could not respect it. I ended up cutting a lot of people out of my life if I felt they had issues respecting boundaries or expressed an inability to understand consent. I always worried about having a girl grow up in this world. I worried about having boys, too, but I had this absolute fear that I’d have a daughter and most others in the world would still not appreciate and practice consent. Seeing articles like this and hearing more about developing a consent culture give me hope. I’ve often contrasted consensual and non-consensual behaviors in my stories and of course now I have more tools to better model what consent-culture looks like from the cradle to the grave. That’s powerful. Take a moment to read this and think of the ways you were taught, or not, about consent and how you can teach others about it.


4 Ways Parents Teach Kids that Consent Doesn’t Matter — Everyday Feminism.

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