Character and Song #23: Joe Ashton

Joe looks like an older, more refined Mark Ashton.  He wears his hair long and can often be found wearing sunglasses. Due to something that happened when he was younger  his eyes are more sensitive to light than his other family members. I fell completely in love with Joe as he grew into a central part of the cuilverse. He has a patience most  scaroths aren’t capable of and this only serves to make him more dangerous. In addition, he also can tap into the sapiosexual energy of his partners instead of merely the physiological arousal. This is how he became legendary for being the only person to  get logmin Queen Aeryn to lay with him in her previous life. He’s wise, he’s sexy, and he’s always had Mark’s back. He first appears in the Allison Dutch series and can be seen popping in and out of the rest of the cuilverse. His song is Blue Magnetic Ocean by Mystical Sun.

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