In Droves They Came

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but it’s important. I’m writing about this because there are so many implications for this country. Plus it just breaks my heart. There has been an influx of unaccompanied minors pouring into the United States, many from Central America. Due to the distance between the countries, difficulty with paperwork, and immigration laws these children cannot simply be sent back to their original countries. There are rumors ranging from gang warfare to misunderstandings over the Dream Act as reasons for why this increase is happening. Over the next year, 100,000 more children are expected to flood into this country. The border patrol is overextended, exhausted, and has no idea what to do with all of these children. The facilities are inadequate, children have been dropped off on street corners in Arizona, and locating family members in the home countries of these children is nearly impossible (that is, if they even have any). I’m writing about this because the numbers are staggering and a lot of these children are suffering. The federal government hasn’t exactly made plans for how to deal with this yet. Whatever these children are doing it, it is heartbreaking that they are alone, without many resources, and that their numbers are growing. I’ll write more about this topic as it comes up. Eventually, someone’s going to have to pay for all of these little ones, so keep your eyes on it as well.

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