Character and Song #24: Isabelle Voss

Isabelle Voss has quite a few problems, starting with her last name and ending with her PCOS and motion sickness (if you don’t know what  PCOS is, it’s a horrible condition I presently suffer from and you can find out more about it here). On top of that, she’s also hounded by an undercover cop investigating the cigarette-fighting gangs and recruited into a group of women whose names are reapproptiated from insults. Somehow she’s supposed to gain control of space (in the dimensional sense, not merely what most consider outer space) while not throwing up on absolutely everything and dealing with her love for a woman she has to start completely over with in every dimension. To add to her troubles there are also very powerful people seeking her talents to build them ever more complicated structures. Her happy adventures are detailed in the Like the Water series, which you might start seeing next year. Her song is Human by Krewella.

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