Character and Song #25: Joseph Lawrence/Wheeler

Joey is the best friend of Allison Dutch. He’s also unfortunately in love with her. More than a little crazy, he clings onto her as his only ground in a messed up life. Little does he realize how she’s changed, that she’ll never love him in the same way, and that life is about to get much, much harder. Yet he is very intelligent, mechanically gifted, and can handle more than he believes possible. Throughout the Allison Dutch series, Joey deals with his own demons surrounding love, masculinity, and the existence of mythical creatures. Can he finally get his head on straight and live up to his potential before the vampires take over? Or will his darkness ruin Allison/Aeryn for good? And what can he possibly have to teach Mark Ashton about learning to live with the past? Find out in the Allison Dutch series. In the meantime, Mindless Self Indulgence’s Stalkers (Slit My Wrists) wraps up his struggle loving Allie quite well.

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