In Droves They Came Part Two

Update on the unaccompanied minors coming across the border.

Some estimates say 15% of the total population of the Dominican Republic now reside in the United States. Every day, more children from Central America and other countries to the south are crossing our weakened border in the hopes of finding a better life. These children are being sent all over the US, to be integrated into school systems, to be fostered to families with the promise of $6000 per month from the government (tax dollars hard at work), and in rare cases to actually join their family members that already reside here. So far there has not been a satisfactory plan implemented to remedy this situation. For those that offer to take these children in for a paycheck there is no real screening process; you simply need a room in which to keep the child. Putting aside the horrific situations these children can potentially find themselves in, there is the general health issue. These children often carry no identification or immunization records. Some of them have diseases that will be reintroduced to the US, partly due to the fact that some US parents no longer vaccinate their children. There is the financial strain of paying for their public education, healthcare, and housing. The government is actually paying (or trying to) groups to use hotels and resorts to temporarily house children-millions of dollars are being given to church and humanitarian groups to watch over the minors for a few weeks. One group had to back out after backlash from outraged citizens was directed at them when people found out that children would be staying in a resort. This is a terrifying situation and as yet there is no solution proposed. Meanwhile, each day more and more cross that line, some suffering from trauma, others with no idea of the trauma they will face here, a few with illnesses we’d tried to eradicate, and very few understanding the impact they will have in their new country. I’d like to think it will be rainbows and sunshine, that a reasonable solution will be put into place, but my heart is still breaking because it knows better. For now, the US has no idea what to do with these little ones and that means we’re all paying for it, aliens and citizens both.

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