Character and Song #27: Johnathan Reighlight

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Yeah, it’s a picture of a suit. Quite a dashing one, if I do say so myself. Imagine how delicious Johnathan Reightlight-the brown-haired, green-eyed, British-accented ambassador of Saturn-would look in this? Oh, yes! Poor John. His uncle was the designer of the A Seriesen and oddly enough can be spotted in several different series on Earth for whatever reason. But back to John. He’s polished, stylish, and loyal. He’s also terrified of direct confrontation and often runs away. Only one person has been able to make him truly face himself, and what a number she did on him. As a matter of fact, perhaps she just made it worse. In any case, John also has one really dark secret that could possibly endanger the lives of the A Seriesen crew. The only hint the others get about his sordid past is the litany of curses he lets out whenever he’s angry. While holding that secret inside, he eventually braves up enough to wed Caily, who you’ll meet later. He also finally gets to be with Mark Blue after Stuart’s constant intervention decades before The Black Tree series began. Due to this and the fact that everyone wants to sleep with Stuart, it’s safe to say John hates his guts. John skips, or should I say he runs, through a few different series in the Cuilverse. His journey most notably begins in The Black Tree series. His song is Treatment by the talented Labrinth.

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