Character and Song #28: Micala Mishi Jackie Blue

Micala is the sister of Mark Blue and Mitchell Blue. Just like her brothers, she plays pretty rough. Partially due to the abuse she suffered at her father’s hands and partially because she’s simply insane, she carries acid in her mouth. Good luck kissing her! In fact, one of her favorite games to play is Tongue War, in which she burns the other person until they give up. If you actually manage to last longer than a few minutes or manage to defeat her then you gain her respect. She also has a tendency to assault men’s genitals. Don’t ask me what’s up with that. You can ask her about that yourself and I’ll be watching from a safe distance, eating popcorn. Micala knows what she wants and gets what she wants, one way or another. She first appears in the Black Tree series and has green hair and a kickass outfit. She loves her brothers dearly and wants to help Mark find out what he originally was. So just your average, sweet, acid-spitting, ball-busting gal. Right… So, anyway, her song is Black Widow by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. Yes, I know Iggy is freaking crazy. Shut up and listen. And imagine Micala hunting you down…

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