Character and Song #29: Mark James Blue

Ah, here he is, finally. The darkest creature in all existence. Not literally, although there is a bit where he does indeed become probably the darkest thing in the universe. Spoilers. Mark Blue has two sides: the fun-loving, ever-pranking, constantly aroused, rough and tumble boy and the perpetually depressed, angry, and impossibly understanding soul. His childhood is actually more messed up than mine. Don’t believe me? Wait until the Mark’s Childhood series comes out and then you’ll see for yourself. He starts out with insanely rough edges, turning to drugs and empty sex  because he never learned anything better until he met Stuart. He has a disorder where he’s left constantly aroused (which leads to its own set of problems), he sleepwalks from time to time, he dreams his future, and he also travels through time. There’s also that little prophecy about him gaining control over all of time one day but he chooses to ignore it. Instead he plays pranks, cheers people up, and fights off his daily struggle with depression. Like the rest of his family his hands glow in the dark, he eats energy, and he loves to wrestle. He’s also strangely unashamed, simply unabashedly himself. He exists on the edge, able to see more about events and people than anyone else would suspect. He doesn’t really like his previous incarnation, perhaps because he won’t reveal anything about how he died. And because he’s so special and dear to my heart, he gets two songs. One for his depression and one for his brighter side. First we have Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment.” Did I mention that Adam Lambert looks exactly like how I pictured Mark to be except that Mark has those creepy black-beyond-all-reason eyes? Yeah, it would be my dream for Adam Lambert to play Mark. Ah, dreams, right?



The second song is more about his childhood and his depression. It is Staind’s “It’s Been Awhile.”



Mark appears pretty much all over the cuilverse in various and devious ways. He first appears in The Black Tree series and can be seen getting into mischief in many other series.

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