Character and Song #30: Aniella Brewster

On to a happier character. Her story is actually more pleasant than most of the other characters. She grew up in a happy home, she’s not crazy, and she personally doesn’t experience anything too traumatic. Granted, there’s only one book in her series so far so who knows in what nefarious ways I’ll make her life horrible later on. I promise I won’t be too mean. In any case, Aniella just happens to be growing up at the same time as Queen Aeryn is rising to power. She’s black, British, and has a bit of an issue with women. Her life’s dream is only to draw comics but instead she meets a ghost she must help instead. Grudgingly, she’s dragged along on a discovery for ghosts, colds (ghost familiars), and the secret of reanimation while trying to juggle her boyfriends, her senior project, and her comics. Her story gives a glimpse into what happens to the rest of humanity while Aeryn is running around messing everything up. Her song is “Am I Wrong” by the talented Nico and Vinz because she’s not afraid to forge her own path in a crumbling world.


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