Character and Song #32: Davis

Davis is pretty cool. He dresses like a punker/goth, sometimes dons ironic Hipster glasses, and is usually very calm and collected. He speaks quietly, thinks intensely, and is usually gentle. With black hair, green eyes, and a mixed ethnicity he understands Ani’s own mixed background quite well. He’s a cold and guides Aniella through her changes. He also has a masochistic streak. Sometimes it’s hard for Ani to find out what he’s thinking and she just knows he has more information about the enigmatic Queen Aeryn than he seems willing to share. Can Ani pry it out of him before the world goes to hell? Find out in a few months when I publish The Colds, the first book in a parallel series to the Allison Dutch series. The song I gave him (er, more specifically the actions of the person in the video) may seem a bit at odds with his chill, laid back personality but I think they lyrics fit his outlook on life. Another Day by Modestep suits him well. Ah, and a warning, the video may be NSFW so watch with discretion.


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