Character and Song #33: Mikassa

Oh, this jackass! This is the person that everyone else fears. He has the power of persuasion, deceptively good looks, and is immortal. He’s also an elf. How did he turn out so twisted? No one knows for sure why such a normally delightful (if mischievous) creature turned out to be such a damned evil sociopath but at least one person thinks it goes back to his three parents, who played a large part in changing Earth’s history. Yeah, you read that right. Elves have three sexes. Oh, were you expecting me to tell you who his parents were? Bah ha ha! No, I can’t tell you; he’d kill me. Anyway, so Mikassa wreaks most of the havoc occurring in and out of the cuilverse. He breaks people, he kills world, and his only explanation for it is “Because I can.” You’d better pray he actually murders you because if he leaves you alive it means he’s got something much worse in mind for you. His absolute favorite activity involves stalking and torturing the Black Tree crew. With feathery brown hair, pointed ears, pale skin, and freaky purple eyes I often imagine that Mikassa could be played by the talented Chris Colfer. His song is, appropriately, Tear Away by Drowning Pool. Before you say it, yes, I did indeed choose the Vegeta version. Don’t tease me for my love of Dragon Ball Z, man!


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