Character and Song #34: Ripley Santo

This weirdo. Ripley just seems like your everyday shy, awkward Japanese boy (I am not implying all Japanese boys are shy or awkward, those are distinct descriptors that just happen to have presented in the same person). He falls into the Author’s universe in You Don’t Belong (not yet published, geez, be patient!), claiming he’s from a future where her books have changed the world. It’s what every author wants to hear, right? But are his tales too good to be true? The more time the Author and other characters spend with him the more they realize there’s something off about this stranger, starting with his absent parents. He runs away before they can find out who he really is and when he returns, it’s with a different look and a much darker disposition. Will the Author and characters be able to sort out just who he is and what’s wrong with him or will he end up trapping them in worlds that don’t quite exist? Ripley also has another name and the discovery of it changes everything they ever thought about their previous adventures up to that point. That’s dramatic, right? I think so. Um, yeah, so his song is Come Into My World by Kylie Minogue. If you want to see why then wait until I publish the You Don’t Belong series. I might be brave enough to do that next year. We’ll see.


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