Cuil Levels

For each series in the Cuil Effect Project a cuil level is assigned. These range from level one to level seven. Each level is progressively further removed from reality as we know it. Then there is level zero, which is so far removed it actually circles around and reflects reality and cuil reality. In general, the higher the cuil level the more absurd, impossible, and insane the events. Basically, it’s like the books are ranked from realistic fiction to anime-level creativity and insanity. Most of my works tend toward the anime/manga side of things so if you enjoy those, you’ll get the flow pretty easily.

I will list each series, notate its cuil level, and explain why that level was assigned to it. All of the cuilness stems from one universe breaking and leaking into other universes. Events become entangled, people get zapped into other universes, and random shit happens, seemingly for no reason. The cuil levels are also affected by how far the given universe is from the crack that created all the spillover. The actions the people take either add to the insanity or work to restore it, knowingly and unknowingly. As crazy as it all seems, however, there is actually a point and a purpose. There is a method, you might say, to the madness. If you manage to hang on long enough to find the clues, build the puzzle, and then get frustrated and blow it all up well then…I salute you for your perseverance and equally insane mind. I sincerely hope you enjoy the ride. It’s like no other story you’ve ever seen and at the same time it’s so familiar. Like that paradox? Then you’re exactly the person I’m writing for. Welcome to the cuilverse…

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