Did I Mention…

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m stating it again here so you’ll absolutely, positively know for sure.

Book Thirteen is coming out in a few weeks. The Black Tree Series, Book Thirteen: Final Revelation will be available soon via Kobo, Smashwords, Kindle, Createspace, Scribd, just nearly all of the channels really.

And then there was one…

The very last book in the Black Tree Series will be published a month or so after Book Thirteen. Then I shall be done publishing for this year. I’ll need that time to mourn before I go on to publish in the new year. Why is that? Because Books Thirteen and Fourteen are depressing as hell. The Black Tree series is full of whimsy, humor, and sheer random insanity but with each book events get progressively darker. By Book Thirteen most members of the crew suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. They are seeking distractions of any kind-sex, gossiping, fighting-anything to take their minds off of the god bearing down on them. As they get closer to collecting all of the medallions that will seal him away they also get a little closer to full-blown insanity. There’s also more about me and my state of mind. So there’s that…

That brings up all sorts of delectable new anxious thoughts for me to deal with all over again. That may never change but I will forge ahead. It’s my story and getting it all out of my head and healing from it is so much better than holding it in and self-destructing.

Oh, also, there’s a very special addition to the Black Tree crew in The Final Revelation. How did he get there and why? You won’t find the answer just yet because, as I’ve previously stated in older posts, I’m a bit mean. No, I’m not too bad unless you piss me off. A lot of it comes from my cerebral nature. I love puzzles, patterns, complexities, intricacies. Connections. If you like the same then I invite you to keep digging through all of the other Cuil Effect project books to come. As tough as things are for the gang in Book Thirteen, it just keeps getting worse for them from the Fourteenth book on.

How can any of this lead to an ultimately happy ending for the Cuil Effect universe? You won’t find out unless you keep reading, keep digging, and keep searching. I managed to do this in my own life and the Cuil Effect project is my way of sharing my journey with you. I hope you join me. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

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