Cuil Scene-Desired and Proper (The Representative Series)

I stood outside of the black door with silver and gold leaves, fretting. Unfortunately, Craig wasn’t nearby this time to offer his calming reassurances. I shifted from foot to foot nervously, mentally rehearsing what I wanted to say. No matter what I did, though, I couldn’t quite fit the words together in a satisfactory manner. Scolding myself for being so keyed up over so small a matter, I let out a puff of air and glared down at my feet as if they might somehow hold the answer. I hadn’t quite realized my litany of curses had become verbal until the door flung open and the man I feared most regarded me rather coldly. My tongue seemed to retract down into my throat as those green eyes met mine. “Can I, ah, help you, Greg? Any particular reason you’re haunting my doorway with a stream of obscenities?” he spoke when it became apparent that I couldn’t.

I straightened as best I could, trying to recall why I was here. “Apologies, Mark. I was deep in thought,” I managed to reply in an even tone.

“Come in, then. Why are you thinking about such things outside my door?” His tone came out more harshly than he actually meant it. That was just how he was; nearly everything about his manner was abrasive. It took time to know him well enough to parse what was insult from what was just his regular form of expression. Even still, knowing a masterful killer lurked within was terrifying in and of itself. Hell, he was just as intimidating in sexual situations! I found myself blushing against my will as memories of our ménage with Ana came to the fore of my mind. He studied my face carefully, smiling ever so slightly as if he could read my thoughts.



*If you want me to post more of this scene, you should like this post. I really want to post the rest of it, because it’s one of my personal favorites but, ah, there’s-shall we say-adult content and a damn philosophical sledgehammer packed into it. Then again, most of my writing falls into that category. Anyhoo, if any of you out there would like more excerpts of my favorite scenes (there seem to be a damn lot involving Mark Ashton, including the one above), then I’ll add them to the Cuil Scenes section. That way you’ll be able to see the Cuil Project book guide, the first books in each series I’ve published so far, and delightful little scenes that will make wonder just who the heck these characters are to one another. For instance, one scene I’d like add to the Cuil Scenes section is one where Mark Ashton hunts down a rapist. I’ll tell you what, if I get  at least ten likes on this post, I’ll do it. You know what, actually, I’ll probably just do it anyway. 🙂

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