It Is Done

Er, well not quite. There’s still one book in the series to go… whimper.

Ah, so yes. Book Thirteen, available on Smashwords, Goodreads, and Createspace, coming to Kindle, Scribd, Kobo, and other places later. So check it out. And get ready to cry, because as MSI so accurately pointed out, It Gets Worse.

Book Thirteen: Final Revelation
More of Mark’s family shows up, supposedly to help. Mikassa has managed to escape Marduk’s grasp and joins in the search for the remaining talismans. It slowly dawns on various crew members that their life sucks way worse than it should. They suspect that one or a few of them may have royally fucked up somewhere along the way. They continue collecting items and keeping an eye out for the Time Faerie so that they can go back and fix the timeline. Unfortunately, their relationships have nearly disintegrated and they find out too late that it’s Mikassa’s fault.

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