Alienating My Audience, Or Why MSI?

You may have noticed I have a small obsession with Mindless Self Indulgence. Why does such a crazy band with insane music and hilariously offensive lyrics speak to me? Well, their music is like my life: full of craziness, fun, and a whole lot of fuck you’s to the dark and the danger. Their manic musical pace is akin to the way events happen in my life. I listen to all kinds of music: classical, pop, all kinds of rock and techno, movie soundtracks, dubstep, world music, and yes, there’s even some rap I can stand.

There are many bands and singers I like. But MSI are the only artists where I can say I don’t hate any of their songs. There are some that I like, plenty that I love, but none that I dislike. How rare is that? What is it about that driving sound, that derisive voice, the fact that Jimmy Euringer and the gang hate the way music sounds.

“…what do we not wanna do and what would a band from the future sound like. Like a band from ten, twenty years from now. What would they sound like? What would they look like? What would they act like? When we did it that way we created our sound, and we made our look from pretty much minute one. “-Jimmy Euringer

He makes music the way he wants it.

“With Mindless Self Indulgence there’s zero rules, except just go off and do what the fuck I want, talk about what I want and write songs about what I want. If it sounds poppy one second and totally insane the next minute then that’s fine, you know that doesn’t matter. In this game there was no vocals to deal with and there were some perimeters, so I didn’t wanna go to off the beat… but it was fine.”-Jimmy Euringer

And that’s exactly the way I write. I write what I want, the way I want it, because as much as I love reading, I hate the way books read. I wanted to do it my way. I wanted to do something no one had ever seen before.

“We came up with the name for fun and didn’t really think too much about it until we actually started becoming like “we never have to do anything for anybody other than ourselves.”Mindless Self Indulgence is kinda like being a dick and being like “I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I want.””-Jimmy Euringer

If you didn’t know, I’ve kind of had a really messed up life. My books, my writing is my way working through it. The people in them are my fuck you’s to the trauma. My stories are mindlessly self indulgent. And that’s exactly why if I manage to find a director as crazy as me who will turn them into movies (or anime, totally don’t mind that) I want to use every single MSI song as either a character’s theme song, an opening or ending, or just for some of the more fun moments. I’m writing a hell of a lot, and the Cuil Project is huge (see book guide on this page) so it’s not like there will be a shortage of chances to use their music.

Of course, that’s all contingent on the hope that those lovable bastards want to work with me. Dreams, right? So here I go, alienating my audience with my Mindless Self Indulgence. And it’s Gir because why not? Enjoy.

*Can you say link happy? Sheesh!

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