Cuil Scenes-Mark Ashton the Hunter


Here’s another scene from Desired and Proper. It’s Mark’s point of view. It’s quite fun because this scene kind of sums up a little of what Others do. It shows one part of the Promise they made for their longer lifespans. And it’s great for other reasons. I do want to place a trigger warning here for those who’ve experienced sexual trauma. What Mark does, how he hunts, is as a victim. It might bring up some thoughts of your own past, so please read with caution. But if you read to the end of the scene, you just might find something to smile about. I sometimes wish that this was the way we dealt with those who cannot listen, those who have no idea what consent is, those who ignore reality. Alas, we are left with less than perfect solutions. Until we have something better in the real world, just imagine this happening to those who’ve hurt you. And then get back on your feet and keep marching forward.


You can also find this and Greg’s scene in the Cuil Scenes section. I suppose I’ll start off having each scene be a general post and then adding it to that page so you can easily find it later.

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