Character and Song #35: Caily (Julia)

Here she is, finally. One of my favorite characters. I think I drew a lot of inspiration for her from my sister. She’s John’s partner and wife. She sounds like she’s from New York and she’s got an attitude to match. At first, everyone on the BTS crew pretty much hates her. Even her own mother cast a spell on her-cursing her to be ugly until she learned to be nice to someone. Her boyfriend is stolen away by one of the other characters, then she decides to try being evil, then she gets an even worse boyfriend who kicks her ass all the time (um, don’t read too much into this, my sister did not go through all of that! You’ll see the traits I took from her right about…now). But Caily is strong. She doesn’t quit. She stands up for everyone and takes care of the others like a mother would. She grows very much over the course of the Black Tree series and begins to see herself as worthy, as strong, as the wonderful person she is. I love her to death and I admire her so much. With blue eyes, blond hair, a slim figure, and a bitching temper, she’s the perfect match for John Reighlight. They are definitely the power couple in this series. And because she’s no-nonsense, I chose Icona Pop’s “I Love It” to play in the imaginary background whenever I write her scenes.

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