Character and Song #37: Marie

I know, I know. Sporadic posts. But I have good news! I’ll have my laptop back this weekend. And then I’ll be able to pester all you lovely people with droll discussion about philosophy, health, and the insane creatures who live in my head (as well as sharing their sex lives and dark secrets on the Cuil Peeks page).

In any case, today I’d like to introduce you to Marie. (Not to be confused with Marie Delan.) Of unknown origin, she held a job running the ski resort on Carmosha and later joined the Black Tree crew. She’s Stuart’s number one lady, is quite the skilled doctor, and is the only one (besides the Author) who could torture Mikassa and get away with it. She’s big, she’s tough, and she can make Stuart beg for his life. She’s definitely one of my favorite characters. Her song is “All About That Bass” but Meghan Trainor.

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